• Electric control panels
    for electric pumps and motors

    We produce

    We produce electrical control panels for electric pumps and motors; We design and product a wide range of electrical control panels for pumps used for: water and waste water plants, firefighting systems, pressurization systems, tank emptying and filling.

  • Energy saving systems
    for buildings

    We install

    We install energy saving systems for buildings; We design and install conditioning systems, energy and hot water production systems aiming to make buildings greener and to improve their efficiency.

  • Plumbing, wiring
    and security systems

    We install

    We install industrial and civil systems; We design and install building wiring, plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems, security and surveillance systems.

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catalogo quadri elettrici Maniero


Some  products and components in 2014 Maniero Elettronica catalogue have been modified. Please refer to the revised version. Click here or