Maniero Elettronica is a company located in the north of Italy nearby Padua and Venice, founded in 1968 by Mr Tarcisio Maniero.

Maniero Elettronica has got 3 branches:

Maniero control panels
Production of electrical control panels for electric pumps (since 1968);
It covers the design and production of a wide range of electrical control panels for electric pumps used for: water and waste water plants, firefighting systems, pressurization systems, tank emptying and filling.

Thank to its export department and its technical office Maniero Elettronica exports its control panels in over 50 EU and non EU nations. In particular Maniero Elettronica competes on the international market with its customized electrical panels and cabinets, designed on customer demand.



Maniero Elettronica is the result of the ideas, the abilities and the strength of 42 young men and women. The direction to such creativity, competence and enthusiasm is given by Mr. Lorenzo Maniero.

These are the people in charge for the main business functions:

General Managers

Mr. Lorenzo Maniero

Human Resources

Mrs. Laura Giordani

Finance and Accounting

Mrs. Daniela Fiorin


Mr. Sandro Signoretto

IT & Quality

Mr. Davide Pasqualini

Marketing and communication

Mr. Lorenzo Maniero

Maniero Elettronica has a specific organization for control panels division:

Control panels Italian sales office

Mr. Omar Paccagnella

Control panels export office

Export Manager Manrico Fornasiero

Standard control panels R&D office

Mr. Luciano Volpato

Non standard control panels design office

Mr. Mauro Busana

Production & Logistics

Mr. Massimo Geremia


Our customers worldwide:
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