Maniero Elettronica first seat was in via Cornio 10, in the small village of Celeseo, (Maniero Elettronica registered office still is in this place). In 2000 the company moved to a bigger building not far from the previous one. Few years later, when the solar system branch was mature, Maniero Elettronica provided its establishment with xxkWp PV system, that was lately enlarged to 60kWp in 2011.
The need for a wider and greener building led to the design and construction of a new seat in the close town of Vigonovo. In 2012 the new seat was inaugurated.
The new 2000sm building contains the offices, the control panels production facilities and the warehouse.
It is a very peculiar building, very different from Italian average industries, both for its architectural design and the energy efficiency of the construction. Such a working environment offers a very high comfort level. In the building are the following systems:

Air-water heating pump
On the east front of the buinding a 70kW heating pump is installed. The device provides heating and cooling to the offices and the warehouse and produces sanitary hot water.

Roof thermal insulation
2000sm of 15 cm thick Rockwool mat have been posed on the building roof, to reduce heating dissipation.

Wall thermal insulation
700sm of 10 cm thick polystyrene sheets have been posed on the building external wall, to reduce heating dissipation.

Photovoltaic System
The roof of the offices and the warehouse are covered with 1540 sm of photovoltaic panels that supply 220kWp of electric power, this PV system allows Maniero Elettronica to autonomously satisfy its demand for electricity.

Low consumption LED lights
In the offices and the warehouse are over 200 LED lights controlled by timers and sensors. Only in presence of people lights are turned on and they are adjusted according to natural light coming from the outside. When nobody is in the rooms timers turn off the lights.

Double glazing insulated window
Both offices and warehouse have wide double glazing insulated windows, to reduce heating dissipation in wintertime and solar heating in summertime.

Floor and ceiling radiant heating
Over 700 sm of floor radiant panels have been installed in the warehouse while 200 sm of ceiling radiant panels have been installed in the offices.

Rain water tank
A 20.000 litres water tank has been installed to storage and filter rainwater. The collected water supplies toilet flushes and can be used to water the garden and its fruit trees.