Our history began in 1968. After accomplishing his technical studies Mr. Tarcisio Maniero opened an electrical appliance workshop in Celeseo, not far from Padua.

At the time Maniero Elettronica had one employee and sold its products only to final customers.
Over the years the market changed, new department stores could sell more and more products at a very competitive price, this persuaded Mr. Maniero to undertake a new business. Thank to his great experience with electrical devices he started manufacturing some products on behalf of third parties. He used to mount electrical boards for big companies producing electrical appliances and to manufacture components for alarm systems and gate-opener. At the beginning of eighties Mr. Maniero started off with the design of electrical devices for plumbing and heating sector. At the time the employees were 9. It was the chance to explore new sectors and foresee new potentialities.
In 1985 the industrial production of electrical control panels for electric pumps began. Maniero Elettronica attended many international trade-shows and acquired its first foreign customers. At the beginning of nineties Mr. Maniero took part to some expositions in Germany. Here the photovoltaic market was already prosperous, Mr. Maniero sensed that soon this technology would have reached Italy. Therefore he started to realize first stand-alone photovoltaic plants with few panels and few batteries.

In mid nineties electrical boards and control panels were entirely produced by Maniero Elettronica and manufacture on behalf of third parties was definitely abandoned.

In 2001 Mr. Maniero’s sons Mr. Lorenzo and Mr. Daniele , joined Maniero Elettronica. They both were newly-graduated Engineers and both expert in photovoltaic systems. They committed themselves in promoting and improving the company branch dedicates to solar systems. From 2005 to 2011 the growth of this branch was exponential: by 2012 Maniero Elettronica had installed over 2000 plants on houses, schools, churches, town halls and warehouses throughout Italy. Moreover in 2012 Maniero Elettronica new headquarter set in Tombelle di Vigonovo was completed. This green-building is the manifesto of the company branch, started up in 2010, dealing with energy saving systems.
In 2012 spring Maniero Elettronica bid farewell to Mr. Tarcisio Maniero. Lorenzo Maniero became CEO and his brother Daniele hold the task of Chief Technical Engineer. Two years later Maniero Elettronica joined with MG Impianti, a company owned by Graziano Mazzoni e Michele Grigio, old friends and partners of Maniero Elettronica. Thank to the fusion with MG Impianti, Maniero Elettronica has improved its technical and commercial expertise. Graziano Mazzoni has sided Lorenzo in the company management.