Maniero Elettronica is going to install the first charging station for electric vehicles in Vigonovo, you all are invited to the big inauguration party the 14th June 2014 in Vigonovo square.

Our Project

We have a forward-looking project: we would like to create a “Green Road” by installing at least one e-charging station in each town set along the Brenta Riviera. The Brenta Riviera is a beautiful road connecting Padua and Venice that coasts the Brenta river, rich in architecture masterpieces. Thus creating the essential infrastructure to develop electromobility in such an important area for turism. This would be a great step toward pollution reduction and the achievement of the objectives set by the Convenatn of Mayors. This is the first infrastructure of the project, but we strongly hope to be able to trigger a wider change that involves more and more administrations.

We know this is a challenging path, but we are proud to undertake it, for we believe that building the future we desire is possible. So far  we have gladly found the support of administration agencies and deep interest among people that we sincerely thank.