Quadro Elettronico con Inverter QPC10
  • 1 Electric pump
  • Three phase motor
  • Frequency inverter start
  • Pressurization
  • Alarm output
  • IP54 protection degree

Electronic control panel equipped with relay alarm output and emergency operation with command by pressure switches.

It is suitable for surface pumps, submersible pumps (without probes) and motors in general, with power range between 0,75 kW and 110 kW (please download the data sheet to learn more about all the available sizes and features). It can be used for pressurization, it has been conceived to keep costant pressure in water systems.

Electronic control panel with metallic case and IP54 protection degree.

Inputs and outputs

  • Input for analog transmitter 4-20mA 2 or 3 wires for water system pressure detection;
  • N. 3 command start up inputs for floats or pressure switches;
  • N. 1 input for and motor temperature probe (N.C.) in fixed speed operation mode;
  • Relay alarm output with changeover contact N.O. / N.C. (250V~ 5A max, resistive load);
  • Modbus-RTU RS-485 communication;


  • Command with selector, ø 22mm LEDs and LCD display;
  • ‘Constant pressure with variable speed’ mode:

- pressure detection through analog transmitter;
- pressure adjustment through the inverter PID controller according to the set value;
- control of the pump through inverter at variable speed;
- stop for ‘null flow’ (flow absence) and automatic restart once the pressure decreases;

  • ‘Constant pressure with fixed speed’ mode (in case of emergency):

- intervention pressure adjusted by command pressure switches;
- pump command at fixed speed by electromechanical start device (type according to the model);

  • Start and stop for the intervention of floats or pressure switches connected with the start up and command inputs;
  • Operation in MANUAL mode at fixed preset speed (from the inverter) or at full speed (from the network);
  • Main disconnecting switch with door lock;


  • Protection for motor overload or phase absence:

- electronic protection if the pump is controlled by the inverter at variable speed;
- thermal relay protection if the pump is supplied by the network at fixed speed;

  • Protection for motor overtemperature:

- electronic protection without PTC motor sensor aid in ‘variable speed’ mode;
- protection through motor internal sensor in ‘fixed speed’ mode;

  • Protection for analog transmitter lack or fault;
  • Inverter supply, motor supply and auxiliary circuit protection fuses;
  • 24Vdc Auxiliary circuits and 24Vac from safety transformer;
  • Forced ventilation (according to the model);
  • Very low voltage inputs;
  • RFI noise filter for EMC civil environment use (power supply connected with the public network);
  • Maximum motor cable length: 150m with shielded cable, 300m with unshielded cable;

Additional equipment required

Pressure analog transmitter 2 wires 4…20mA:
- SPE3/10B-G¼M-5m code 850.965 (10bar)
- SPE3/25B-G¼M-5m code 850.966 (25bar)