Quadro Elettronico Antincendio QTDA
  • 1 Electric pump
  • Three phase motor
  • Direct start
  • In compliance with EN 12845 standard
  • Alarm output
  • IP55 protection degree

Electronic control panel with relay signal outputs.

Suitable for surface pumps with power range between 1,5 kW e 30 kW (download the data sheet to learn about all the available sizes and features). This control panel meets  EN 12845 fire-fighting system standard.

Electronic control panel with metallic case and IP55 protection degree.

Inputs and outputs

  • N. 4 inputs for floats or pressure switches;
  • N. 4 relays signal output with exchange contact N.O. / N.C. (250V~ 3A max, resistive load);


  • Command with selector and LEDs;
  • Removable key selector in AUTOMATIC position;
  • Main disconnecting switch with door lock in OPERATING mode;
  • Voltmeter with voltmeter switch;
  • Ammeter;


  • Protection against phase absence or wrong phases sequence;
  • Auxiliary circuit and motor protection fuses;
  • Very low voltage inputs;

Complementary equipment required by EN 12845 fire-fighting systems standard

  • Acoustic and visual self powered signal: SAL/6I model, 252.28 code;