Quadro elettronico con microprocessore FOX
  • +3 Electric pumps
  • Single phase motor
  • Three phase motor
  • Direct start
  • Emptying
  • Filling
  • Pressurization
  • Alarm output
  • Motor thermal sersor input
  • Dry running control
  • Integrated exchanger
  • IP55 protection degree

Electronic control panel with microprocessor available in single or three phase version, equipped with electronic protection against dry running and integrated pump exchanger.

It is easy to install and start thanks to motor current and cosφ self-calibration.

It is suitable for surface pumps, submerged pumps and motors in general, with power range between 0,09 kW and 18,5 kW (please download the data sheet to learn more about all the available sizes and features). It can be used for emptying, filling and pressurization.

Electronic control panel with thermoplastic case and protection degree IP55.

Inputs and outputs

  • N. 4-11 (according to the model) inputs for floats or pressure switches;
  • N. 1-8 (according to the model) inputs for motor temperature probes (PTC, N.C.);
  • N. 1-8 (according to the model) probes inputs for the control of water infiltration in the motor oil chamber – NB: it requires interface device module;
  • Alarm output relay with changeover contact N.O. / N.C. (250V~ 5A max, resistive load);
  • 24Vac (0,2A 5VA) alarm output;


  • Command with buttons and LEDs;
  • Preset modes for emptying, filling, pressurization (selectable);
  • Selector for stop input operation mode (emptying or filling);
  • Self-hold (excludable): operation in emptying or filling mode with separeted start and stop floats;
  • Alternated pumps start and forced exchange for 12 hours continuous run of the same pump (excludable and selectable for commutation number or operation time);
  • Periodical unlock of the impeller (excludable);
  • Second and following pumps start on-delay 0s/4s (selectable);
  • Pump stop on-delay 0s/2s (selectable);
  • Alarms and signals control for: dry running, motor overtemperature, water infiltration in the motor oil chamber, general contact alarm (selectable);
  • Pumps control through auxiliary input and maximum level or maximum pressure alarm input (selectable);
  • Floats and pressure switches operation self diagnosis;
  • Starting mode of one or more pumps for floats or command pressure switches intervention (selectable);
  • Non contemporaneous pumps start and stop;
  • Periodic emptying of the sludge (excludable);
  • 10s start on-delay after power supply restoration;
  • Main disconnecting switch with door lock;


  • Adjustable electronic protection for motor overload, on 2 phases (only for QTD…-FOX models);
  • Protection for minimum load, unbalanced load, stuck contactor (excludable);
  • Electronic protection against dry running (excludable);
  • Start per hour control 5/15 (excludable and selectable);
  • Motor supply and auxiliary circuit protection fuses;
  • Contactor command circuit voltage as power supply;
  • Very low voltage inputs;

KCC - Running capacitor predisposition 12,5/16/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/60/70/75/80 μF (only for QMD…-FOX models);

Optional features

DS – Probe device for the control of water infiltration in the motor oil chamber;
M485 – Modbus-RTU RS-485 communication;