Quadro elettronico QMD 10 - C control panel
  • 1 Electric pump
  • Direct start
  • IP50 protection degree

Electronic control panel with thermal protection against motor overload and equipped with running capacitor (from 16 up to 80 μF according to the model).

It is suitable for surface pumps, submerged pumps (without probes) and motors in general, with power range between 0,37 kW and 2,2 kW (please download the data sheet to learn more about all the available sizes and features).

Electric control panel with thermoplastic case and IP50 protection degree, extendable to IP55.

Inputs and Outputs

  • N. 2 inputs for floats or pressure switches;


  • Command with selector and LEDs;
  •  Emptying or filling mode switch;
  •  Main disconnecting switch with door lock;


  • Thermal relay protection against motor overload;
  •  Motor protection fuses;
  •  Very low voltage inputs;
  •  Running capacitor;


IP55 - IP55 protection degree;