Accessori per quadri elettrci UTC-S510-530-550
  • Measure and control
  • IP20 protection degree

Remote control and management unit for water lifting and water treatment plants


  • Automation for drinking water treatment plants and depuration plants;
  • Remote transmission of alarms, measures and data;
  • Data collection and storage (datalogger);
  • Remote command;
  • RTC, GSM/GPRS, LD/LP, radio, internet, Ethernet, ADSL, WiFi, RS-232, RS-485 communication;
  • HMI: integrated graphic display (UTC S530, UTC S550), browser internet, text message, e-mail, SCADA;
  • I/O boards: N. 4 (UTC S510), N. 4 (UTC S530), N. 7 (UTC S550), each with N. 8 digital inputs, N. 6 digital outputs, N. 4 analog inputs, N. 4 analog outputs;
  • Extension through expansion modules (UTC S 550):

- N.16 digital inputs;
- N. 6 digital outputs;
- N. 8 analog inputs 4-20mA;
- N. 6 inputs for temperature sensors Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000;

  • Charge and management of an external emergency battery;
  • IP65 protection degree with “porthole” accessory;