Accessori per quadri elettrci TLC-MYALARM2
  • Measure and control
  • IP20 protection degree

Quadband remote terminal GSM/GPR with command and alarm notice trough phone call, text, e-mail and with thermostat functions room temperature, power failure, counter and totalizer, datalogger. Device in thermoplastic material with IP20 protection degree.


  • N. 4 digital inputs;
  • N. 2 analog inputs (0-20mA, 0-30V);
  • N. 2 output relays with changeover contact N.O. / N.C. (250V~ 3A max, resistive load);
  • Interface USB 2.0 mini B;
  • LED lights, LCD display;
  • NTC integrated temperature sensor;
  • N. 4 counter and N. 4 totalizer;
  • Integrated flash memory;
  • Slot for Micro SD memory;
  • GSM adjustable antenna;
  • 12Vdc charger adapter;
  • Li-On 1000mAh buffer battery, 12h operation time;